Pamela Perini Consulting's Security & Risk Management expertise has been, and continues to be, learned and developed in the field. We work on real programs, projects, systems, and equipment. Pamela Perini Consulting has true, real-life field experience beyond many.

Certified, Trained & Credentialed

Pamela Perini Consulting is a seasoned professional security and risk management company with over 35 years of experience. During the past ten (+) years, the company has focused on methods for identifying and assessing security risks, developing measures for risk mitigation, developing and implementing security programs, developing and deploying security master plans, and assessing the use and deployment of security-related technologies to address risks.

Experienced Beyond Many

Pamela Perini Consulting is often called upon by Architects and Owners to provide a Peer Review of documentation for projects. This review process typically identifies opportunities for change orders during construction. Pamela Perini Consulting is the best "Stop Gap Measure" to mitigate Change Orders. Call Pamela Perini Consulting today to discuss your Security & Risk Management Needs.

Security Schematic, Design & Construction Documents

From feasibility through close-out and O&M, Pamela  Perini Consulting will assist you in the process of assessing your current program, working with you to create the appropriate level of documentation, and executing the documents to meet your bidding, installation and close out needs. Throughout the process, we'll make the necessary changes to improve your Security Program outcome through complimentary Electronic Security Systems.

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